We are so looking forward to a great 2021 and I am sure you all are too! Henry is 19 Months seizure free and we are extremely hopeful that we will continue this long stretch. May it last FOREVER!

We are also excited for a great year ahead for HEROES. We are kicking off in February with “”heART’s for HEROES” Show at Randoons’ in Hubbard Woods. Randoons’ will be hosting my art in their windows for 2 weeks. Beginning February 2nd thru the 13th. Randoons’ will also be giving HEROES a percentage of her sales for that entire time! I will be there with my special Heart project on 2 special Meet the Artist and a SPECIAL HERO Days. Friday the 5th and Friday the 12th from 3 to 6! Henry and I will be highlighting the achievements of 2 special HERO’s on these days. Come by and meet them, and thank them for a job well done. We of course will be following all safety guidelines as well.

We will have a special raffle and a Giveaway during those days! So make sure to come by and see us! My HEROES Kids will be busy in their kitchens baking some amazing goodies to thank you for popping in!

I have enjoyed working with Henry at the Chicago Industrial Design Center in Chicago. We are taking Welding and Metal foraging and I have fallen in love with the Plasma cutter. Using Fire as my paintbrush has been pretty cool. I decided to combine my two favorite mediums to make some pretty cool art. The metal hearts are attached with magnets. Decide you want to move your heart to a new place, do it. Then it becomes YOUR Art. We chose February to celebrate the heart. ” Our hearts are amazing. They love, they break. They are individual. Yours is far different than anyone else’s. it beats to its own course. It’s mourned, it’s had joy, it’s fluttered and raced It’s been crushed and shattered but yet has bursted with pride. Our Hearts are raw and strong but never waiver. They follow the path we set for them until they no longer can. “