Big Sisters Fundraiser! For Epilepsy Awareness Month!

Henry’s Big Sis Dominique is running 100Miles this month, 1 mile for every hour Henry was in a coma fighting his Epilepsy. Please consider donating to support her quest! We have a corporate donor willing to match EVERY DOLLAR we raise! She has set her goal to hit $2,000. We are hopeful we will meet that and double our Impact for those with Epilepsy! You can donate here on our Pay Pal Link or via her Facebook fundraiser!

Our HERO High Five this Month, Sir Wyatt McAlexander! We are Thankful for him!

“I have known Henry since 5th grade where I experienced him have a seizure in class. It inspired me to join Henry in the fight of Epilepsy. Henry’s HEROES has been a big part of my life since I met Henry and I love being a part of of HEROES because it gives me the opportunity to make a difference in one of my great friends lives, but also have a bigger impact. I love being a Hero and I will continue to fight Epilepsy with Henry.” ~ Wyatt McAlexander