heARTS for HEROES / HeARTs Studio 964 Green Bay Rd Winnetka

My name is Nancy Iida and I am a former Art/Architecture major who picked painting back up after my sons Epilepsy diagnosis. Painting is my mediation. I enjoy working in Oil and Gouache, and on many different surfaces. I also picked back up welding and some of my work is now multimedia. All proceeds support our foundation which funds programs that support those living with Epilepsy, seizure monitoring devices and research dollars towards a cure. We are a 501C3 and all purchases are tax deductible. I am available for commissions on any scale. Many of these pieces are available to see at the studio in Winnetka. Just email for an appointment.

Using my HeART, to make a difference.

HeARTS’ for Heroes

“What Lies Beneath”

Oil and Gouache on yupo 11 x 14′ $375

“City Rising”

Oil on Canvas 28″ x 36″ $700

The Kintsugi Project

Kintsugi is the Japanese Art of Repairing broken Pottery with gold. Kintsugi reminds us that our scars, visible or invisible, are proof that you have overcome difficulties. By marking your history, they demonstrate you’ve survived and enrich your soul. I have used my welding studio time to make Kintsugi Hearts. Henry is not far sale, but this beautiful metal frame is showing off our one of kind necklaces. A good selection available in the studio.

Necklaces are $ 75 and all proceeds benefit Epilepsy Research and support programs


Winter Waves”

Oil on Canvas 36 x 36″

$ 800

Night In The City” SOLD

Oil on Canvas 24 x 24″


“Winter Walk ”

Gorgeous Multi Media Oil and paper Piece in Custom fame .

  • $1,000


Sculpture on Canvas

This piece is framed and on Canvas 12 x 16″ $450

“Blue Skies”

Oil on Yupo Framed behind glass

15″ x 15″


“Pretty in Pink” SOLD

Oil on canvas 14′ x 17″


“Red White and Blues”

Oil on Canvas

12″ x 15″




Oil on Board 16″ x 20″



Oil on Yupo Framed

12″ x 15″ $375


Oil on Canvas 21″ x 17″ $425

“Harbor Views” SOLD

5 Ft X 40 $1,000

Mate Ne’ ” ( Can you see me?) 20” x 18”

Original Oil on Yupo, Framed in special Japanese Shou Sugi Ban Wood Frame



Original, Oil and metal on Yupo, Framed


Oil on Canvas

“A Perfect Day ”

11″ X 14″ Gouache on Yupo

Famed behind Glass $375

City Wind”

Oil on Canvas in Silver Frame

16’ x 20”


Moody Blues”

Set of 3 Oil on Canvas

“10 x 12’

$200 Each or set for $500

River Views”

Oil on Canvas in solid Black Frame

12” X 15”


“Holding On”

Oil on Yupo Framed Behind Glass

” 11 X 14″ $375

“Sail Away” Vintage Copper Tray with “removable Display Art”

This was an exciting Vintage find. Impeccable solid Copper Tray with wooden handles and removable Art piece for when not in use. Hard to let this one go, but a stunning Art Piece. $600.00 12′ x 18′. Other custom piece for art insert can be made for frame.

“Cherry B”

Oil on Board 12″ x 12″ 2″ depth wood Board


“Valentines Day”

Oil on Board Framed behind Glass 15″ x 15″



Oil on Board

18″ x 24″


“Full Heart”

Oil on Illustration Board framed behind Glass

“14 X 18”


“Sail Away”

Oil on Canvas

“12 X 12”



Oil On Canvas 11″ X 14″